We've partnered with Ecologi to plant trees and help our planet

5 SEPT 2022

It probably comes as no surprise, we love coffee! That's why we're on a mission to make coffee sustainable for years to come. We're delighted to have partnered with Ecologi who are a social enterprise aimed at reversing the affects of climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

Why we partnered with Ecologi

We found Ecologi whilst looking at ways in which we can offset our carbon emissions during coffee production and whilst delivering products to our customers.

The Ecologi platform offers a great way for businesses to give back to the planet through donations that plant trees. Because trees love carbon dioxide so much they help to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the planet. 

We really like the platform. It offers great insight into how we're performing as a business on our mission to offset carbon whilst offering further opportunities to invest in our planet and their goal of reducing global CO2 emissions by 50% before 2040.

How it works

From 5 September 2022 every order placed on our website (beanbear.co.uk) will plant 1 tree in our forest with Ecologi. You'll be able to monitor our progress via the Ecologi website available at ecologi.com/beanbear.

There is no cost to our customers and we pay for every tree that is planted from an order. The only difference is that you will be helping us to help the planet which is amazing! Thank you!

Interested in finding out more?

The Ecologi website provides a great insight into how they operate as well as providing regular progress updates on initiatives and projects they currently have running. You can also find out more about their story and mission by visiting ecologi.com/articles/blog/our-story