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Bodum Travel Press Vacuum Acrylic Travel Mug / Cafetiere - 0.35L Off White
Bodum Travel Press Vacuum Acrylic Travel Mug / Cafetiere - 0.35L Off White
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Bodum Travel Press Vacuum Acrylic Travel Mug / Cafetiere - 0.35L Off White

Enjoy your favourite drink on the go


  • About this Travel mug

    Enjoy your favourite coffee anywhere, anytime, courtesy of the Bodum Travel French Press. This portable coffee maker combines the benefits of a French press brewing system with an insulated travel flask in one handy gadget.

    Crafted from BPA-free plastic, this portable coffee maker with built-in silicone and mesh plunger lid takes the place of a traditional 3-cup French press. Its double-wall construction keeps your coffee hotter for longer, while the colourful silicone band gives a safe and ergonomic grip.

    It’s also highly versatile. You can brew coffee on the move, or fill up from a larger pot you’ve brewed at home.

    You can even use it to brew loose-leaf tea! So it’s perfect for taking on the train for your morning commute or popping in your rucksack when you go camping.

    Caution: Make sure the Bodum Travel French Press stays upright when full. The lid is spill-resistant, but it’s not leakproof due to possible over pressure.

    Main Features & Benefits

  • Travel French press coffee maker, ideal for enjoying your favourite cup of coffee on the go.
  • Silicone and mesh filter reduces sediment in your coffee.
  • Double wall, vacuum-insulated mug made of BPA-free plastic that keeps coffee hotter for longer while remaining cool to the touch.
  • Plunger lid features a stopper for safe drinking.
  • Wrapped in a non-slip silicone band for easy grip and comfortable hold.
  • Non-skid rubber base.
  • Can also be used with loose-leaf tea.
  • All parts dishwasher safe.


    How it Works

    1. Place the Bodum Travel French Press on a stable, non-slip surface and remove the plunger lid.
    2. Add coarse ground coffee into the press – we recommend 1 tbsp for each 0.1l of water.
    3. Boil hot water, wait 30 seconds, then pour into the travel press to approx. 1in/30cm from the top. Stir and close the spout.
    4. Let the coffee brew for four minutes.
    5. Hold the travel press firmly and carefully depress the plunger.
    6. Add milk and sugar to your personal taste, and your coffee is ready to enjoy.


    Use & Care

    Drink directly from the travel press or pour into a cup. Clean after each use. All parts dishwasher safe, top rack only.


  • Off White



  • 0.35l / 12oz