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Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve
Fellow Shimmy Coffee SieveFellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve
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Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve

Easily remove micro grounds from your brew


  • About this Coffee Sieve

    A simple way to remove microfines for better tasting coffee. If your grinder is a culprit for inconsistent grind sizes, Shimmy Coffee Sieve has arrived to shake things up. This easy tool sifts out all coffee particles under 200 microns for better grind consistency and even extraction during your brew—important elements that noticeably impact flavour.

    Ever notice find grounds in your cup after brewing in your cafetiere? Shimmy removes those fine ground particles that find their way through the filter wall and ultimately end up in your cup.

    Pair Shimmy with your pour-over dripper, French press, or Prismo to instantly upgrade your everyday brewing routine.

Additional Features of the Shimmy

Better Tasting Coffee

An easy tool to heighten clarity and highlight nuanced flavour notes.

Visual Design

A tinted but transparent body lets you peek at your progress.

Easy Clean Components

Shimmy comes apart in a snap for a quick clean and an even quicker reassembly.